Metro News West Virginia – What kind of News should consider really a Breaking News on TV and all other medias?

  1. What kind of News should consider really a Breaking News on TV and all other medias?Do you think they should make big headlines for the Cat and Dogs who climed somewhere high places and cant find the way to come down?

    Answer by Amama
    Another 1 of my pet peeves! If the president dies or perhaps a war has been announced or there is a hurricane/tornado heading towards we. Thats it. I detest whenever they spend 20 minutes of the tv show which is just shown when plus finish their mini-newscast with “More tonight at 6″. I dont think thus, we invested longer found on the interruption than youll found on the information system tonight.
    Usually its a cat inside a tree, an accident, a broken hydrant, etc.

  2. The big news stations are so concerned about the “hulk Hogan” story, and these celebrities, and what Obamas wie is wearing, and frivilous matters, and they will take up hours and days for these stories, but when a real news story is aired; it is aired for ten minutes during the afternoon, and is never heared of again….WHY is this?
    Does this just bother me, or are their others whom have enjoyed this plus are worried?

    Answer by herkk
    News has become entertainment — goal is NOT to inform however, receive high reviews, meaning additional money.

  3. A while back I came across what I considered extremely important news and wanted to let national TV news channels know, most specifically thinking of CNN or even MSNBC, but could not find anywhere I could “click” for lets say “news tips”, “contact us”, “urgent news”, or similar. It may sound silly but there are some things sometimes people feel better telling it to news mediums than police or other authorities.

    Why? So considering information persons are usually ready to hear plus hear to what you are able to explain for them inside an smart means. Most of the time authorities tend to create their own judgement without we completing a story. Or worse yet cut we off telling we “allow right authorities handle it”.

    I do not have idea how any information channel might have reacted to what I thought was anything odd along with a bit complicated, therefore generating it significant inside the globe condition you have. But just just in case I come over anything that way I like to tell somebody immediatedly, inside strict self-confidence.

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    Answer by Bryan M
    What did you see out?

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